Hey All,

This blog is about me, Laura Weigel Douglas.  I’m a mother, an author, a dog and dog and cat owner, a wife, a devoted hallmark movie watcher, a reader and a runner.  I used to dream about living on a ranch with a herd of horses and my family.  It turned out almost like that, except I live in a little house on the shoreline filled with kids, books, and tennis shoes.  The truth is, it’s even better.

Thanks for hanging out,

p.s.  Maybe someday I’ll get a horse, I’m keeping that dream alive.


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  1. timothytrimble

    Congrats on diving into the world of being a published author. I posted a link to your book in a couple groups I’m in on Facebook. Both groups recommend that you join their discussions. They love the cover and they’re asking for an eBook version. The groups are “20BooksTo50K” and “Clean Indie Reads”. They’re great groups for talking about being a writer and sharing tips. They’re not spammy like a lot of other writing groups. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Let me know if you ever want to talk shop over coffee. – Tim


    • Laura

      That sounds great Tim! I’ll make sure and join, thanks for the tips. We’ll definitely have to chat about all this someday, I know a really great shop in downtown edmonds!


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