Love is blind, or at least can’t see chickens

I usually lay out my outfits at night.  That way, at 5:00 in the morning when I’m trying to get dressed in the dark I can throw on whatever I set on the floor and hope that its all on straight (the same can’t be said for my daughter, it’s 5:47pm and I just realized she’s been wearing her pants backwards all day, eeke!)  Last night I had a tough time and by tough time I mean I stood in my closet, in my jammies, and stared at my clothes for 20 minutes.  This is what it amounts to:  I have 3 denim shirts, 28 yoga pants, and a bunch of stuff.  It’s bad.

I can remember the night I met my husband, I was wearing red Seychelle high heels, black jeans, a black sweater and a long gold necklace.  I had a lot of money (because I was 21 and had hardly any bills) and actually liked to shop, so I had a lot of clothes.  I actually woke up in the morning and turned on a light when I got dressed.  Things were different. 

The big dilemma in the closet last night stemmed from the fact that I was going into the city today.  My boss and I were attending a workshop in Pioneer Square with some other businesswomen and I felt the need to wear something that wasn’t bought for the sole purpose that I could spill coffee all over it and get the stains out (I’m a barista).

After lots of minutes and lots of sighs I decided on the only new shirt I have (that someone else bought for me because I don’t shop) and a pair of jeans.  The outfit turned out fine, even though I didn’t have a minute to finish my makeup or straighten my hair this morning, and the workshop was great.  The only problem was that I spent the whole morning wishing I had worn my yoga pants, which reminded me of what my new “friend”, Tan, taught me.

You see, I recently watched the whole new season of Queer Eye on Netflix.  Seriously, I watched the whole thing in 2 days.  And though I’m not a straight man in dire need of a makeover, I did learn a few things.  Tan, they guy in charge of fashion, kept having to have talks with their “project” guy about how important it is to take care of yourself for your spouse.  He’d say things like, “You should be dressing nice and taking care of yourself for your partner.”  Or, “It’s a way to say you value yourself and take pride in yourself.”

I’m not kidding you, I was watching Tan go on and on about the importance of looking good for your partner, while I sat in my jammies under the heat blanket Danny got me for Christmas, no makeup, hair about as poufy as it was in 8th grade and holding chickens in my lap when Danny got home.  I sort of had an epiphany moment, one of those times where you see your life like its a sitcom and your cute husband walks in the door and there’s his wife watching Netflix under a heat blanket with chickens all around her.

And you know what, here’s the coolest part, I married someone that liked the girl in the red high heels and black sweater but loves the girl that wants to be a farmer and is raising chickens in the front bedroom.  And, trust me, you can value yourself in coffee stained shirts too.  Just sayin’.

So here’s my review, I loved Queer Eye, I hated Tan’s advice, and I learned that love really is blind.  It can’t even see chickens.


Messy Hair Don’t Care

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