The magic of sun.

Breaking news: moms are tired. I mean really, really tired. I don’t care if you’re a stay-at-home mom, or a working mom, or a step-mom or a mom of a poodle. We’re all tired. The dads are too, I’m sure, but I’ve never been a dad, so I’m just going to speak for all the moms out there and say it, “Dangit (that’s the word I use when I’m really serious), I’m exhausted.”

But, something special happened this week. And to let you know just how truly special it is, I have to take you all the way back to the beginning of my mom life….4 ½ years ago. My girl does not take naps. She hardly ever has, and I mean even when she was an infant. I could pretty much say never and it wouldn’t be that far from the truth. I remember wondering why my little baby woudn’t sleep…why wouldn’t she sleep?! I talked to friends in my first year of motherhood and they would tell me how their babies would take regular, scheduled naps, every single day, not just when they got lucky. We would be hanging out and we would have to arrange it around their kid’s nap schedules, because they actually had them. It made me want to punch them (the moms, not the kids). Not really, but I was totally jealous.

And then, one day when Isla was probably about 6 months old, I went to get her from my sisters who were watching her while I worked. They told me when I got there that I should go lay down and take a nap. That they would keep watching her for me. I teared up with gratitude and then went to the bedroom to lay down. I remember laying on top of the covers with my head in the softest, most comfortable pillow and then……..hearing the faint sounds of my sisters’ voices. They were out in the living room, whispering so so that they wouldn’t bother me. I strained harder to hear what they were talking about. Ugh, if only they would talk a little bit louder. I laid there for probably 4 minutes, I tried closing my eyes, I tried counting sheep or horses, and then I finally got up and went into the living room.

“I totally get it,” I said, “I totally get what Isla feels like. Why she fights it so hard.”

“What are you doing?” they asked me.

“I feel like I’m missing out,” I whined and then jumped onto the couch in-between them.

Do you guys remember that episode of Growing Pains where Chrissy won’t go to bed because she’s pretty sure that her whole family is partying with cheeto’s and clowns and balloons in the living room while she’s supposed to be upstairs sleeping? It was just like that. I know Isla feels that way now too, and I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s always been for her. And I can’t really argue……or complain……because I get it.

Either way though, I’m still tired. But here’s where the special thing that has happened to me comes into play. You see, I live in the Seattle area, where most of the time it rains, or if not, it’s overcast and cloudy and cold. But for about 2 months out of the year, we’ll have days where it is be-A-U-tiful. Days when the sun is out, we are surrounded by mountain ranges that feel like they are looming over us in the most glorious of ways and our feet are literally freezing as we wade in the Puget Sound (but we go for the swim anyways). And, if we’re really lucky during those two months, we might even have a couple of nice days strung together. Like yesterday and today.

This is where the magic happens. Yesterday, after work, I watched Isla and her friend play at the park for a couple of hours. They ran into the library for a few minutes but were mostly out in the sun, running, skipping (because according to Isla, that’s what she does when she’s happy), swinging and climbing on things. Then, when we left to drive home, this happened…………………..


Then today, after work, Isla asked to go to the beach. “You know mom, the water beach?” she asked.

“Which water beach, honey?”

“The one where we had the carrots and hummus and an ice cream picnic?”

“Oh yeah,” I knew exactly what she meant because she was totally right in the details. We had gone down to the Edmonds beach and I had brought carrots and hummus and a root beer (because, you know, I’m all about balance) and then we had gotten ice cream cones (because I wanted to be extra balanced that day). So we hopped in the car, brought a bucket and a shovel and off we went to the beach for a couple of hours. And you know what? This is what happened on the car ride home…….



I swear, that is the sweeeeeetest face in the world for a tired mom. Because if her head is back and her mouth is open, I know she’ll even stay asleep when I carry her inside, which means, that I can take a nap too. Because the only other person in this house is sleeping, so I won’t miss out on a thing.

❤ A sand covered, sun loving girl

P.S. Danny says that Isla looks just exactly like me when she’s sleeping. She’s cute asleep like that, right? Totally, right? Sleeping with your mouth open is adorable, right? Please say yes.


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  1. Ciara

    I get it too. FOMO. I was like that as a child, and still am, I don’t sleep much. I totes remember that Growing Pains
    episode. And yes, it is adorable to sleep with your mouth open!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. slimmingbsimcha

    Totally relate. My eldest never slept.

    I think car seat law must be different in your area though. It terrifies me seeing your little one just on a booster with a lap belt. If you have the space in your car, please consider getting her a high back booster. They are so much safer. There’s been a real push for them here (Google britax bin the booster).

    She sounds like such a sweetheart. Enjoy every waking and sleeping minute.


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