Why I run.  No really, why do I run?

I finished my half marathon today.   I did well, I PR’d by 15 minutes and finished with a time of 1:40:58.  My parents, Danny and Isla came out this morning to cheer me on as I crossed the finish line (with dead legs) and I remember thinking, thank God it’s over.  That’s all I thought really at that moment.   

When we got home my mom and dad asked me what went through my mind when it started to get hard (around mile 8 when my feet began to blister). I was laying on the floor and I looked up at them, my awesome, devoted, proud parents and told them the truth.  I thought:  Why I am doing this?  I leave my child to practice for this?  Ewwww, I think my blister just popped?  Oh My God, they’re going to make me run uphill?  

 All these thoughts circled through my head several times, until I had run the whole 13.1 miles.  

Finally, I rounded the corner, saw my family cheering for me and tried to finish strong.  They came up to me and I told then how hard it was, how I might never do this again.   I ate a protein bar and a banana,  got my ranking (81st out of 1134 females), then boarded the bus to go home, telling my cute family to please not smell me (it was bad).  

On the bus, I told Danny, “I don’t think I can do the full marathon.”

“You don’t have to, why don’t you just focus on the shorter races?”

“But I already signed up.” Eeke, and I told you guys.   

This is the thing about running……it’s so much like child birth.  The pain lasted the first 15 minutes after the race,  but by the time I got home and showered,  I realized that yes, I will be running a full marathon in 6 weeks.  That yes, my feet will be destroyed.  That yes, I am going to wonder again and again why I do this.  But, in the end, you have this wonderful thing.   You’re proud of yourself, you did something hard, and OK, it’s not really the same thing as giving birth but I can’t do that every 6 months so I’m making do with what I can.  

So, I’m putting it out there again:  June 10th marathon I’m coming for you, with my blistered feet and all!

♡Laura, the girl with the half-marathon limp

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