City slickers 

Hey y’all, 

As you may have realized by now, I’ve been obsessed with horses for about the last 31 years.  But, in 1991, when I was 6 years old I saw City Slickers for the first time.   Let me tell you a few things about this…..

1.  My family watched City Slickers and Father of the Bride about 89 times growing up

2.  My dad, back in 1991, was Billy Crystal’s twin.  I’m not exaggerating.   People told us all the time and I thought he was sooooo cool and handsome. 

3.  I saw City Slickers and knew I wanted to be a cowgirl

Flash forward to last week and I was signing my dad and I up for a day at the horse ranch.  

So, this morning my dad and I headed out to Sandy Valley Ranch in Nevada to go on a trail ride and then do, get this, team cattle penning!  

When we pulled up a pack of 6 dogs and two ladies greeted us.  They’re all my new best friends.   They took us on a trail ride through the desert, we watched a corgi chase a million jack rabbits, saw a snake, glimpsed a couple of lizards and just enjoyed ourselves and our awesome horses (Waylon and Shorty).

Then on to the cattle penning.  This was the best part and I’ll tell you why:  my dad straight up turned into Billy Crystal from City Slickers, but like in the end of the movie,  when he could actually ride and was a cowboy.   It was the most awesome thing ever.  I, of course loved it, but seeing my dad canter around after cattle yelling, “move cow!” was like a movie come to life right in front of my very eyes.

Yup, that’s my dad on the pinto, chasing a cow around the arena.
That might actually be my dad back in 1991.

The trail ride and cattle penning was totally in my wheelhouse and one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, I’ve had a smile on my face all day, but the coolest thing was seeing the smile on my dad’s face.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my dad’s the coolest guy around and Billy Crystal has a lot to live up to. 

♡ A City Slicker’ s Daughter 

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