We’re leaving town….or at least trying.

We made it to gate D3.  If you’re a mom or a dad or a person who has ever traveled with a child then you know how hard it can be to just.get.to.your.gate.  We did everything right, we left early,  we hit seattle traffic, we got to the airport and counted our bags and our kid (she was number 6) and we checked in.  Then it was time to go through security.   Danny gave me the whole talk, “OK Laura, when we get up there I’ll get all the stuff, you just focus on Isla.” 

“Haha, OK, I feel like we should do a secret handshake now.” I smiled at him and did a on-the-spot made up hand shake and then the people next to us smiled at me, because I was the weird lady trying to do a “bro shake” with her husband.  

We somehow magically made it through the metal detectors and smooshed our stroller through the imaging belt.  Isla and I got through first and started unloading our stuff and I popped open the stroller, put her in, grabbed my purse and then waited for her bag.  I waited and then some guys briefcase came out.  I waited and then Danny’s shoes came out.  I waited and waited and waited……

“Danny, where’s Isla’s bag?!”

We both gave each other the deer in the headlights look, our eyes wide.  I regretted spending so much time on our hand shake when I should’ve been recounting our bags.  Danny tried to get someone’s attention, and I yelled, “We’re missing a princess bag!”

Seriously, all I could think about were my new Lululemon pants (which are the first pair I’ve ever owned because they’re so dang expensive but now after one week of wearing them I totally know they’re worth it).  God help us find the princess bag!

Danny took off, the opposite way through security, I pulled Isla (#6) and bags #5, #4, #3, and #2 off to the side.  

Danny came back through security holding a precious piece of pink and purple cargo which we had left way back at the beginning when we got our boarding passes.  All is well now.  Isla and I are sitting here guarding 5, FIVE, I repeat, #5 pieces of luggage, and Danny is having a beer.  He’s earned it.  

❤ the lady sitting at gate D3 with a million bags and a cute Lil girl


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