The cure for adulthood

Sometimes I feel like a 12 year old in a 31 year old’s body.   Like this afternoon, for instance,  when I wasn’t feeling well and so I decided that the best cure would be a McDonald’s chocolate dipped ice cream cone.  I LOVE  those things!  Isla has just graduated from the plain cone to the chocolate dipped, a big deal in this family, and so we ran and hopped in the car.  

We drove to McDonald’s, got our cones and headed to the boys’ school to eat them while we waited.  I kept checking Isla in the rearview mirror and yelling, “Now turn it and lick the other side!” Or “Quick Isla, use the napkin!”  I looked back and saw there was vanilla ice cream smashed in her hair, probably mine too, and that she had a strong case of chocolate lip liner going on.  

We got to the school, sat in the sunshine with her in my lap and ate the cones.  Only 82 napkins, 3,026 strands of vanilla hair and 2 huge smiles later we finished.  

Just making sure the camera can see her ice cream AND her drawing.

I thought of all I had done that day, all the grown up things:  wake up at 5, go to work, walk my mother-in-law’s dog, pick up my girl, help my sister do a dump run.  And I remembered all the adult things I had left to do: pick up the boys, take Coho to the vet, cook dinner, pack for vacation.   It made me happy that I was the adult, because I get to say when it’s time to take a break, slow down, eat that dang ice cream cone…..and feel like you’re 12 again.  

An Ice Cream Devotee 

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