The day Coho had his cake…..and we ate it too

(Warning: this one’s a little sad. But don’t you be. I’m not. I’m grateful for every experience I’ve had, good and heartbreaking, because this is my story, this life, and it’s a good one.)

Let me tell you a few things about this guy:


This is Coho, he’s 10 years old, and he LOVES cake. If he was human, he would probably have to go to a support group for it. But he’s not, he’s just my baby, and so he only eats it whenever he can sneak it (or when I bake it for him on his birthday…..don’t tell the vet!)

You’re probably wondering how my dog “sneaks” a cake. That has to be hard right? A cake? Well here’s the story of how it happened the first time.

Chase, my youngest nephew, was turning 3. We always have our birthday parties at my parent’s house, its tradition, and Chase was having a Thomas the Train party. My mom and I had made him a cake earlier that day but she had run out of regular food coloring so we had to use the special box of neon colors. We dyed the frosting electric blue and then used it to cover the beautiful, perfect cake before I piped Thomas’ face on top. Three candles and it was done.

At the party, we all gathered around our little boy as he opened presents in the living room. Then, when it was time for the birthday cake, I headed to the kitchen. I always carry the cake out to the birthday girl or boy as the rest of the family joins in with our loud, off-key voices to sing “Happy Birthday.” I walked through the small hallway to the kitchen right as Coho was running out. At first, I just stared, confused by the sight of him. Then I screamed. “Danny!!!!”

Coho’s white beard was neon blue. I mean, n-e-o-n. I ran the next few steps to the cake and saw that what had once been a 12” round Thomas the train cake was now a 6” round blue smear with a saggy candle sticking out the top. Danny came in behind me and we both stared with our jaws hanging open before he ran after Coho.

In the end, I lit 3 candles, hovered closely over half the cake (thankfully he had eaten it pretty much perfectly in half, not just the whole top) and I stood up higher than our poor little Chase so that he couldn’t really see the whole thing. And then…..yep, we all ate the cake. The rest of it, I mean.

That was 7 ½ years ago, and yes, Coho would do exactly the same thing today or tomorrow or the next day if given the chance. We never trained it out of him. We tried, sort of. But here’s one more thing to know about Coho. He’s my baby. By that, I mean really, he’s my baby. I got him the day after I had my first miscarriage. We had been looking for a dog for about 8 months but hadn’t found the right match. And then, something terrible happened to me one day, and finding Coho was the something wonderful that happened the next.

Even right now, at 11:44pm as I’m writing in my living room because I can’t sleep, I hear a little scratch on the bedroom door.


I went to open it, knowing that it would be Coho. It always is. If I can’t sleep, neither can he. So I let him out, him with his inflatable cone around his neck (story for another time), and smile at this cute little boy of mine.

The one that made me smile when I first saw him, back on November 2nd, 2007. I remember the exact date we got him because I remember the day before it. And then I remember how this cake-eating, cuddle-bug of a dog has changed my life and at sometimes, seems to have made it. I think he deserves his own cake once a year, don’t you?

❤ L.D.

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