There is a kayak in my living room, still.

Yep, you read that right. There is a kayak in my living room. And I’m learning to deal with it. Actually I’m learning to go with the flow, accept that things aren’t always the way I imagined, and learning that I can come to LOVE what I thought I could never live with.

Danny and I moved into this house 2 ½ years ago. We did a four month remodel on it and spent lots of dollars that had taken a lot of hard work and time to make. I spent the time designing and decorating the house pretending I was Joanna Gaines’ sidekick, and that helped a lot. It made the process and the pain of living in a construction zone at least part way fun, as I imagined the beautiful, clean, and lovely home I would have to show for it in the end. For months I worked hard and I worked a lot, and then………..I got tired. This is why 2 years later we still don’t have our trim molding up, and why this summer will be our third summer building the new deck out back. We can only go at it a couple of months at a time and then we need an 8 month break, ha!

But I’m finding that this story, this way of things, is thematic throughout my life. I’m like an A minus. I start strong, I do great, and then….. I guess that’s where the minus comes in.

It’s like the kayak in my living room. Danny surprised me with a kayak for Christmas. I’ve wanted one desperately for the last 8 years, but it takes me about 10 years before I’ll commit and buy anything that I want. I really like to think it through. Needless to say, I almost died when I woke up on Christmas morning and Danny led me to our front room where, on the orange couch, wrapped in a whole roll of wrapping paper, was a boat. Isla and I screamed, tore the paper off and hopped in, right there on the couch.

Somehow, over the next few days the kayak ended up, not in our garage, not in our shed out back, but in our living room. That was in December……………it’s now April and still I have a kayak in my living room.

I wasn’t kidding.  There it is….right there in the middle. 


In the last 3 months it’s served as a toy box, a hiding place for our hide and seek games, and a lounge chair for my daughter while she watches TV. And at some point, almost every single day, Isla climbs in and calls for me to join her so we can “go on vacation.” We pile in, usually with a stuffed bear and a few books, and paddle all the way to Disneyland or Las Vegas or California. Those are always her top three destination choices.

It’s at this quiet moment of the day, when we’re cuddling in the kayak in the middle of our newly renovated house (that looks just like I imagined except for the boat I’m sitting in), that I pause and have a moment of thankfulness for this girl that I’m raising. She’s imaginative, she’s hilarious, she’s kind. And then I think, thank God this kayak is in my living room. I know it’s not perfect, and I’ve never seen this style/trend on Fixer Upper, or any other HGTV for that matter, and I’m sure eventually I’ll get around to moving it. But for now, if spending time in it with my daughter gives me 5 more minutes to appreciate and actually see my girl who is growing way too fast, then I’m totally ok being an A minus kind of lady.

❤ Lo, A-

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