Thank you friends.

Hey you all!

I talked to my Publication Specialist yesterday and she told me that my book was up for sale on Amazon, but that it might take a little bit of time for the picture to go up.  I was excited, but it didn’t really feel quite official….yet.

Then, last night at 8:30pm I was laying in bed with Isla when my phone rang.  It was my dad.  I answered, “Hey Daddio.”

“Hey Little O.”  He replied.  “Did you see it?”

“Is it up?”  I sort of, kind of, maybe screamed.

It was.  I looked online, found my book, saw the cover, read my name underneath the title, lost my breath and felt…………….like I had done it.

comp pic.jpg

And then, at 8:47pm, my sister Lindsay called to tell me that our college friend Katie had just bought my book.  She had posted a picture of her order on Facebook.  I will always remember that exact moment.  The moment that someone ordered the book, with the cover of a cabin and a horse, that they found on amazon, that has my name written underneath the title, When the Stars Lead Home.

Twenty minutes later Danny came into our bedroom and handed me two melatonin, “Here, you’re never going to fall asleep.”  He smiled at me and we gushed over how crazy this all was and how NO, I was never going to fall asleep.

There are lots of parts to putting out a book.  I’m learning this.  But last night, at 8:47 when I learned that someone had actually bought my book, it felt like the stars had led me somewhere too, and it was a pretty cool place.

So I just wanted to say thank you.  To you all.  You are friends and life changers and I am forever grateful.

❤ Laura Weigel Douglas


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