Fear and Writing and Happiness Abundant

Today I started writing my second book.  Literally, I just started it 34 minutes ago.  You’re the first ones to know.  My husband, AKA Handy Danny, asked me the other day when I was going to hop on it and begin number 2.  I looked at him and was like, “Isn’t one enough?”

Ok, Ok, so I did set up the first book with the possibility that it could be series…….but why did I do that?

You see, I’m still a little bit scared.  I loved writing When the Stars Lead Home, and even though it was oftentimes 3am when I was writing it, I relished in every moment.  It was as if the story was in me and all my fingers had to do was let it out.  It was fun.  It was nice.  It was……I wouldn’t go so far as to say easy, but it wasn’t as hard as other things I’ve done.  More than anything though, it brought me happiness.  I’ve told you guys before how I’m one of those jump-in-the-pool-and-either-swim-or-drown type of girls.  Well, it was so nice to swim.  And I know this from the experience of having drowned on several occasions.

And now I’m just still feeling the loveliness of basking poolside in the sun of having actually COMPLETED a novel.

That was something I:

a.  had never done before

b. wasn’t sure I could do

c. wasn’t sure I ever Would do

d.  all of the above

D!  All of the above!  So why would I want to go and start a second book.  Something that I could fail at and then worry about my first book being a fluke.  Ok, I promise I’m normally a half glass full gal, but I think it’s totally normal to still be afraid of failure at 31.  Probably even still normal at 77.  Worse than the fear of failure though, is the fear of having this happiness diminished.

But doesn’t the fear of having something taken from you already steal your joy?  With this thought in mind I’ve decided to step forward……totally afraid, but hopeful.  Hopeful in the fact that I tell stories for no other reason than that I have stories to tell.  To bring joy to others and to bring happiness to myself.

What is there to fear in that?

a. nothing.

b. nothing.

c. nothing.

And with those options, it seems I can’t go wrong.  Here’s to book No. 2!

❤ Lo


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