Yep, I screamed.

This is how my day went:

5:15:  Wake up and spend 3 1/2 minutes getting ready before I head to work.

5:40 – noon:  Talk to 1000 people, make 1000 lattes, smile 1000 times.  It’s a pretty good gig.

Noon:  Rush home to pick up my girl from my sister, but when I pull up, I notice that my parent’s car is at my house too.

12:10:  I walk inside my house and see Isla, McKayla, Tristen, Chase, Linds, Mom and Dad.  This really isn’t that unusual because we’re all together a lot, so I don’t think twice about it.

12:12:  I’m busy hugging my man-boy of a nephew who has grown 4 inches since yesterday and I can’t stop dying over the fact that his arms now go on top of mine when we hug.  I die and then die again.  I was the tallest girl in the family and now he has surpassed us all.

12:15 (3 minutes later, it was a long hug because I know in 2 years he won’t want to hug me at all):  I turn around and my other nephew is holding a flat box and my dad has his video camera out and my sister is taking pictures with her phone.

12:15:01:  I scream.  I somehow missed the FedEx man.  Lindsay saw the package when she got to my house, called my parents, who had the boys, who then grabbed there camera and drove over in the 15 minutes of notice they had, so they could all be there to see me see my book for the first time.

12:20:  Still screaming.

When I wrote my dedication in the book, I tried to write a separate one for each family member.  But that ended up being crazy because how do you say what you need to say in one line?  I couldn’t.  I tried and I ended up writing a whole other book.  In the end, I dedicated my novel to my daughter Isla, who really, I wrote the book for.  But here I want to say something to the rest of my family, the ones who show me what love is meant to be.

You Weigels, Hanbys, Mullens and Douglas’… are the sun that has taught me how to shine a light.  You are the people that have given me a different view of this world, a beautiful view, and have taught me how to love myself.   I am thankful for your hearts that have molded and healed and strengthened mine.  I love you all, you are my home, my whole sky full of stars.  This book is as much yours as it is mine.

♡ Laura

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