How much is that puppy in the window?

Every day when I come home from work, this is the vision that greets me….

dog in window.jpg
Baby Tanner (one of a couple other dogs that are randomly at our house), Coho, and Bandit.



Most of the time, you can insert our cat, Sheriff Callie into that picture as well. They are always in the window. We live on a street just up the block from an elementary school, so we have groups of kids walking back and forth in the morning and then again in the afternoon. There is nothing my dogs, Coho and Bandit, like better than to stare out the window, bark at every passerby, and wait oh so longingly for one of us to get home.

I’ll pull up, see my little family members sitting on the back of the couch and laugh at the sight of the three of them. You know how every neighborhood has a couple of houses with “reputations”?  Like th old lady with 13 cats or the neighbor that never leaves the front window. Well, I’m pretty sure we’re known on our block as the house with all the dogs literally smashing their faces up against the window.  Actually, I know we have that reputation because Danny and I have heard kids point our house out to their parents as they pass, and it doesn’t help that Bandy usually likes to rest one of her back paws up against the glass so you can see her belly, it just makes us weirder (or cuter, I tell myself).

Anyways, as soon as I pull up Coho’s tail will start wagging wildly and Bandit will undoubtedly stand up and smoosh her face against the glass. When I walk in the door they are the craziest, happiest and most adoring animals in the world. It’s like being alone for the last 3 hours has almost killed them. I’ll cuddle them for a moment before I go set all my stuff down in the kitchen and get a grab some water. Now that I’m home, they can all relax and it’s not uncommon for me to find them five minutes later curled up in my bedroom.

coho and callie.jpg
Coho and Sheriff Callie


I die almost everytime. They are so perfect. I never grew up with cats and I’m still surprised every time how much she is like a dog (to be honest, I usually just think of her as a dog) and how much they all love each other. I’ll quickly grab my camera to take pictures of this “oh so adorable” moment and maybe have a chance to get one before…….


bandy in the way again
Bandit completely blocking Coho from view and letting you get just a small glimpse of Sheriff Callie.


……………Bandit happens. This girl, I tell you. I love the girl but there are definitely some things about her that drive me bananas. For instance, her obsession with sticking her tongue in our mouths. She just can’t get enough kisses and it’s obnoxious sometimes. The funny thing is that I know that Bandit and I have a lot in common, and those are the things that drive me crazy about her. She is a mirror of my vices.

I remember in high school, my parents had to gently tell me that I didn’t have to say “I love you” 15 different times whenever I left they house. They knew I loved them and they loved me too. I went through a phase (like 8 years) where I would literally tell them I loved them, blow them an air kiss and then leave, only to return 4 seconds later to say it again….and again…..and again. I think I was afraid they wouldn’t really know it. I’m sure they had moments when they thought, “whoa….she’s a lot.” Sort of how I feel about Bandit when she is licking my face.

Or, there is the time I accidentally told my husband (we had just begun dating) that I loved him. We were on the phone and it just came out. Sort of like, “Ok bye. I love you….. (long pause)…..I mean I really like you?” Then I hung up. But the thing was, I did love him, and I’m the girl that can’t stop saying it.  Better he knew that early on in the game.

And even though, sometimes it can drive me nuts, one thing I’ve come to learn is that my picture of Bandy all smashed up against the lens is just about as perfect as the adorable picture of Coho and Sheriff Callie cuddling up together. I know all you can see is her, but you know what? That’s ok.  She’s just reminding me that she loves me, one more time. Just in case I didn’t really know it yet.  And so, to answer my earlier question, the dogs in the window are priceless.

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