I wrote a book!…..and the waiting game

I guess I missed a year on this blog….or really, completely forgot about it all together.  It won’t happen again, I promise.  I was gone because I was doing something else.  I.WROTE.A.BOOK.  I know, I still can’t believe it.  Here’s the thing, the very day that I met my husband, I told him that I was going to be an author, and that someday, he would see my name on the cover of a book.  That was 11 years ago.  At the time, I totally believed it too.  Because I was an English Lit major in college and the idea sounded grand.  Here’s a secret, I don’t do anything part-time/half-way/rationally.  I jump in to the deep end every single time.  Usually I end up gasping for breath and bounce hop/drown my way to the water’s edge before I step out, find a new pool and repeat the same process.  I really can’t help it, its who I am, and one thing I’ve learned in my 32 years is that even if its not perfect, and sometimes even silly, its ok to be who you are.

So, about two years ago I started to write a book.  This wasn’t the first time I had tried.  But something was different this go round.  I knew this story.  It was part of my life, part of what I had wanted/needed to read growing up and it was FUN.  I knew these people I was writing about and I felt committed to telling their story.  I also knew the reader (I was her once) and I wanted her to have a story to read.  THIS story.

You already know that I have a young daughter, a husband, 2 dogs, a cat, a house that always needs work, a full time job, 3 other children I care for, etc. etc.  My point is, I woke up at 4am to write my book, before I left for work at 5:30.  My husband would take our daughter to his mother’s in the evening every once in awhile to give me an hour to write.  I committed.  And then, one day, it was magically, or perhaps miraculously, done.  I had written 35,000ish words that made sense and told a story.  I had swam and not drowned.

Long story short-ish, my book wasn’t picked up right away.  That didn’t really even matter to me.  I hoped someone would want to publish it, but no feeling could surpass the knowledge that I had finished.  Not only 5 loads of laundry in a week, but a book.  And then, a year later, after submitting my book to one last publisher, I got a phone call.  They said “YES!”

I’ll tell you more about the publishing process later but right now I’m still relishing in the moment of fulfilling a dream.  I’m gone through every step the publishing business can throw at me for the last 8 months and am now waiting for a box of books to show up at my door.  The waiting game.

I imagine that when the doorbell rings and I open it to find no one standing there, I’ll look out at the street, then down at the doormat and see a brown cardboard box that holds 2 1/2 years work, and feel………I’m not sure.  Maybe something like how I felt that night I told a stranger I was going to see my name on the cover of a book, and then somehow knew I would be with this stranger forever.  Or maybe how I felt when I found out that this baby girl I held in my tummy was going to live, and be a part of me forever..  A life changing moment.  When you step through the door of one world into another and know that you can’t go back and you don’t have to, because something has happened to you and it is wonderful.



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