Another persons ugly can become your beautiful

We are a young family of two working parents, a new house, a toddler, two dogs and lots of bills which means that we like free things. I mean, I don’t always like them at first (as is the case in this story) but I usually always like that they’re free. The trick is, turning someone else’s ugly into something that is mine and something that I think is beautiful. Some people call it upcycling, or flipping.

We just bought our “dream house” last summer and have been in what seems like a constant state of remodel/construction/improvement of every sort and in every corner. The first part of the house we’ve begun working on is our kitchen. Its sort of a great room concept and opens right up into our dining room. I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated space for Isla, my daughter, in the heart of the house, where she can color, build playdough animals and have tea parties without me worrying about her marker missing the paper and drawing purple circles on my new dining table. Thankfully, we somehow managed to pick up a free small table and chair, just the perfect size for our two year old. The only problem is….its U-G-L-Y. I mean really, it came in red and yellow and covered in stickers that had already been halfway peeled off.

islas table 2

Seeing as how this was going to be in the main part of my house and visible to guests and myself every single day, I wanted the table to blend in, but also be a fun place for Isla. So, I would paint it, I thought. An easy fix. This is where I’m laughing at myself because no project is easy with a toddler, but its always fun, or funny, in hindsight. I brought the table out onto our deck (which my husband is slowly but surely replacing board by board…just another project) and gathered my supplies. I had left over Behr Silver Drop paint that we had used on our walls and had some navy blue paint I had bought that I plan on using on our front door. I opened up the can and began with the table while Isla ran around outside. This is the point in which I made my first mistake….I turned around to do something, honestly I can’t remember what, and when I turned back around Isla looked like this….

islas table

I’m thinking she put her hand on the paint can lid, realized what she had done and then put it to her mouth as in, “oh my gosh!”…….or she just tried to eat it. Not sure which, but I’m preferring to think the first option. So I got her cleaned up, finished painting the table blue and the chair grey, rested the lids loosely on the cans and went inside to wash my brushes and get a hammer to close the paint. Second mistake. I came back and Isla was now covered in grey paint. (I didn’t bother to take a picture the second time, just imagine the picture above but with grey paint).

Anyways, once we got all cleaned up, the paint dried, and had I tried to chip the paint splatters off the new pieces of wood my husband had already replaced on the deck (whoops), I set up the chair and table inside. It’s fun, its not orange and red, its perfect! Yes, the process was messy. Yes, my child possibly ate paint. Yes, we learned our lesson. And yes, we turned someone else’s ugly into our beautiful.

table finished

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